1. Samples are available for you to try, they can be ordered here
    2. Read the What's my profit margin PDF so you can calculate your profit and see the terms.
    3. Please register to see pricing of products
    4. Select your desired products from the range 
    5. You select your order quantity. Please Note: Minimum order is $320 per order (not including samples)
    6. Labeling your products:

      You have 4 options to choose from:

      • Pre-designed labels

        Add you logo and details to up to 3 professionally predesigned labels. You can upload your logo and details (and barcode) on each product description page.

        For instructions, click here

        Please note you cannot edit pre-designed templates.

      • Create your own labels

        You can create your own label using a professional program, then upload it to the system, for details and instructions go to page 3 of this document click here

        *please read the terms and conditions for supplying your own design.

      • Hire a graphic designer

        if you want a customised professional label, you can contact our graphic designer.

        To get in contact fill out the form on the products page after you choose “Hire a graphic designer” from the drop down menu. The standard design fee is $110 per hour.

      • No Label
        We offer the option of designing, printing and applying labels yourself. This could save you money if you are buying in bulk. We will deliver filled and clearly mark bottles for you to label.

        We recommend:

        The maximum label size is 180mm wide x 80mm height
        Print on an outdoor/waterproof grade label adhesive and follow the label specifications on page 3 of this PDF

        Please note: we do not supply mailer boxes and do not offer other bottle shapes, colours or sizes at this time.

        If you still have questions, the FAQ section could help.